Monday, September 7, 2009

KC Part 2

When you're driving to the hospital to have a baby, a lot of random thoughts run through your mind...especially when said baby is 3 weeks early, and you're NOT prepared for him. One of my random thoughts was that my cute friend Tracy had offered to do some maternity pictures for me and I was SO SAD that I'd missed my window of opportunity. Lucky for me, she offered to do newborn pictures instead. Here are a few of our favorites - isn't she AMAZING?!?! We're so spoiled to have such great friends.

I've fallen in love with another man...

But don't worry, Ty knows all about it, and doesn't seem to mind a bit.

Born 09/03/09 (yes, that is in fact THREE WEEKS before he was due)
6 lbs 4 oz; 20 inches long

Here's what happened:
I went in for my 37 week check up, and learned I was dilated to a 1 and 70% effaced. No big deal, people can stay that way for weeks, right? Well, that afternoon and evening I had maybe 5-6 MILD contractions, which I didn't think much of because they really didn't hurt, and they were very random. That night at about 10pm, they got MUCH worse and MUCH stronger and MUCH more consistent. They came on SO FAST, though, that I thought it was false labor and tried to ignore it...for FIVE MISERABLE HOURS. By 1am I was so miserable, I woke Ty, and he tried massaging my back, I took a bath, anything to ease the pain. Right from the start though, they were really close together, and when I started timing them they were 2-3 mins apart. So, we headed to the hospital, fully intending to get me some drugs and go back home.

At 3:30AM we arrived, they put me in a room and we learned I was fully effaced and dilated to a 4. We were still so shocked, I think both Ty and I asked if we were really having this baby, both times being told YES.

At 4:40AM the doctor broke my water and I was to a 6.

At 6:30 (I think) I was a 9+

7:30 a 10 and they had me wait one more hour to start pushing.

At 8:30 we started pushing, and at 10:15 he arrived!!! Everything went well, and although he's early, he's as healthy as he can be!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

June Recap

June is an insanely wild month in our household, and this year was no different. There are several reasons why I love June EVERY year, and there are also a few reasons why I love June THIS year.

Why I love June EVERY year:

One of the biggest reasons happens on the 8th: Ty's BIRTHDAY!!! YAY! This begins the two month stretch where I'm only 5 years older than him, so I like it. :) But really, I won't get super cheesy, but have to say I waited a LONG TIME to find him, and he was DEFINITELY worth it!


The other biggest reason I love June falls on the 22nd: Our anniversary!!! Two years down, LOTS to go. I had NO IDEA how much better life is when you share it with someone, and I'm so grateful for the man I get to share it all with!!!

We were married in the SL Temple, and had our reception a week later, after the honeymoon...both days were beautiful, the sealing was AMAZING, and we had a perfect week long celebration.

Every year in June (this year on the 21st) is Fathers Day: Even though we don't have kids YET, (unless you count our dog, which we do), I love celebrating the man that will be the father of our kids. I can't wait to see him with KC (although I'm a little nervous to see what Ty will be teaching him...), and know he'll be an amazing dad. This year was especially fun celebrating, for obvious reasons.

And now, the reasons I love June THIS year:

the 5th-7th: CAMPING!!! We went to Smith & Morehouse with a group of friends, and even though it was on the cold side, we had a ball! Luckily the weather held out on Saturday...not so lucky it rained while we were packing up Sunday. :(

I took cupcakes for a pre-celebration of Ty's birthday. I didn't bring candles, so we tried to come up with a makeshift candle (aka a stick). It didn't light very well...hence the look on his face.

the 19th-20th: ANDERSON CAMP!! This is my sister-in-laws annual family camping outing, and luckily they are nice enough to let some of the crazy Lechtenbergs in on the fun. This was my first year, and I'm hoping this will become an annual thing. Again, we got rained on a little, but still had lots of fun - we saw an old Pony Express mailbox, and the boys had fun "Munk Hunting" (yes, as in chipmunks - please forgive him for his insensitivity to these cute little creatures).

The dog LOVES camping - possibly more than we do.

the 26th-28th: DENVER!! Last year our friends took us to the Thunder Valley Motocross Race. We had so much fun, we decided to do it again this year. It was a blast, the weather was great, and I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG TIME. Thanks guys for a memorable weekend! And, this should be an annual thing, but we may try a different race next year, so it may not always be in June.

Sorry, no pics. :(

the 30th: Hello 3rd Trimester!!! Can you believe it?! We're on the final stretch. This was a GREAT day - I've had a really easy pregnancy, so I'm not complaining, but we're definitely getting anxious to meet this little guy. Guess we ought to start shopping for our babe now, huh?

Me at 21 weeks! (I know, I'm SLOW)

Me at 29 weeks, 5 days - 30 weeks this coming Tuesday!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Dilemma

So, I'm a hopeless romantic. Really. I've seen about 32 too many chick flicks over my single years, so I knew that I would meet my husband in a very un-romantic in a singles ward or on a blind date. Well, for those of you that don't know, Ty and I met on a blind date. Ty, being the romeo that he is, decided that rather than go to a restaurant chain, we'd go to a little out-of-the-way, local place. We went with the friends that set us up, and obviously had a great time. He proposed in the same restaurant - a little table in the back corner. We went back, again with the couple that set us up, the night before our wedding. Now, with two anniversaries under our belt, we have been back for both. To be honest, the food never was that great, but the hopeless romantic in me kept us going back.

However, this last anniversary, the food was BAD. REALLY BAD. So here's the dilemma: do we continue to go because that's "where it all began"? Or, do we live on the edge and start a new tradition? I want to hear your thoughts!

Oh - and my June catch-up post is coming...promise. I've almost finished it, so stay tuned!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Big things, little things

So, I promise not only to blog more often, but also to blog about things other than baby stuff. After this post, of course. :) To sum up the last few weeks, I thought I'd tell you about the BIG things that are happening, and a couple of little things.

First, the BIG things:

#1: My BELLY! Ok, so I know it's not BIG compared to what it will be in a few more months, but I've definitely "popped out" the last few weeks, as you can see from these pics:

17 weeks...

19 weeks - on our way to find out Baby L is a BOY!

and the 23 week picture is coming (I can't find my camera!!)

#2: Another BIG thing is that Ty got a promotion at work - YAY BABE!!! He was officially made a superintendent on the job he's doing - I LOVE seeing him recognized for his hard work! He puts his all into everything he does, and it's SO great to see him rewarded for it!

#3: Big thing - my appetite!! Holy cow - I can't believe how much I can EAT! This kid is going to be record size if he's getting a fraction of what I'm putting in my body!

#4: And for those who actually read this ENTIRE post - we've named our baby! When Ty and I were engaged, he asked if we could name our first boy KC. He wanted the initials, for the first and middle name, and he didn't care what the "K" name was, but the "C" name would be Carl, after his grandpa (the one in Ty's story down below). The "K" will probably be Kendall (no significance, but it's the only "K" name we agreed on). Ty's grandpa, Papa, is an amazing man, and we're thrilled to name our baby after him. If KC is half the man "Papa Carl" is, we'll be doing VERY well.

#5: Our HUMP DAY!! On my mission, "hump day" was a bigger deal than the day you went home from your mission. I still remember for mine, an investigator and my comp and I went to "Tex Mex" Restaurant...a poor excuse for a Mexican Restaurant, but given I was in France, I took what I could get! We then went to the REAL Chateau D'If - where the Count of Monte Cristo was imprisoned for those that have seen the movie or read the book. It was a great day. As was my hump day for pregnancy. We didn't do anything to celebrate cuz we've been a little busy, but celebration or not, we're there! We obviously passed the 20 week mark, but given that you don't even know you're pregnant for 5 weeks, I figure hump day in pregnancy is closer to 22 weeks. Well, we're there! HOORAY!!!

And now, the little things:

#1 Baby KC - he finally weighs just over a pound, which seems too small, especially when I compare that one pound to all the weight I've gained during pregnancy already!

#2 Our first baby boy purchase - my friend told me that the day we found out what we were having, we needed to go out and buy the outfit our baby would wear home from the hospital. This turned out to be more frustrating than fun as all of the stores are selling summer baby clothes, and we're having a fall baby. Another friend saved the day and told us just to buy "something" boy. We walked over to the shoes and found these...who could resist?! I think they're adorable!!!

#3: And now, the BIGGEST/littlest thing: Here's Baby KC!!! (chicken legs and all!) :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Eagle Takes Flight, Chapter ? of the Ekenboug Chronicles

I guess I should preface this before I just dive right in. I have started a collection of stories about my life. Since I did just about everything with my Dad and Brother growing up it has kind of turned into a collection of stories about our adventures together. When I was a kid I couldn't speak very well and I especially struggled with my last name. This is where the title of The Ekenboug Chronicles comes from. I didn't really plan on posting this crap on our blog but thanks to the coaxing of our wonderful friend Jen, you are all going to get a taste. Here goes.

The Eagle Takes Flight

Papa (my dad's dad) worked for General Motors for thirty some odd years. And growing up in the 30's and 40's developed a love for the automobile. so none was all that surprised when, not long after he retired from G.M., he took a job at the Utah Auto Auction managing...something. I guess I really don't know what he did there. But I did know that he got to bring home any car that was on the lot for his company car that week. Just so happened that Nate (my older brother) had just turned sixteen that previous winter. So we started putting in requests for cars that we saw on the lot. one such day we spotted an electric blue Eagle Tallon Turbo. The Tallon was Eagle's answer to the Mitsubishi Eclipse. It had a potent 4 cylinder twin turbo engine and a small two seater cabin. After a quick visual inspection we shared the affirmative head nod and grin of anticipation. We pulled away from Papa's house after the usual words of warning about not screwing around so as not to jeopardize our lives or worse, his job. Se we eased down the street until we were just out of ear shot and Nate put the hammer down. We took the drive from bountiful to our house in farmington to get a feel for the handling and the motor nuances. Our house was on a two lane, lonely country road in west farmington. It wasn't very wide but it was long and straight. We were breaking the speed limit when we rounded the cornet, barley on all four wheels. I saw a look of determination in the driver seat and reached for the hand hold on the door as Nate worked his way through the gears. The grassy fields lost all texture and turned to a solid green as the fence posts came by like fan blades. Out the windshield I spotted the railroad track approaching at an alarming rate. Nate didn't even flinch. Just when I was planning my escape through the window, Nate shut it down and got hard on the brakes. We cruised over the tracks still about twice the 25 M.P.H. speed limit. As we turned around to mosey back towards the house I gave Nate an inquisitive look. To which he responded very casually "one twenty".

Our adrenaline levels were off the charts and Nate was struggling to keep the car at a reasonable speed as we started on our way back to papa's house. As we crested the freeway overpass the speedometer read 70 M.P.H. On the other side was a four way stop. the grade break that was created by the perpendicular street was abrupt. but it did offer a favorable trajectory and about a 25 ft, slightly downhill landing. So back in the electric blue scud missile, my brother and I prepared for lift off. Neither one of us was too concerned seeing as how we had jumped this intersection before (see pg...) just never this fast. the G-forces pressed us down into our bucket seats as the front bumper scraped the asphalt launch pad. Maybe it was the idiotic speed, maybe it was the extra stiff race style suspension, maybe it was an act of God; but as i floated out of my seat and my shoulders kissed the roof, I saw our 25ft. downhill landing disappear under the hood. I had just just begun to ponder the consequences of my realization when physics caught up with us. the car slammed sloppily onto the ground sending me out of zero gravity and directly into the dashboard. the car swerved wildly as Nate fought to regain control and consciousness. We finally rolled to a stop. Nate killed the engine and I pulled myself off the floor boards and back into my seat. my face was killing me and who knows what was wrong with the car. i looked over at Nate to behold a giant grin and a steering wheel imprint across his forehead.

Monday, April 27, 2009

OUTNUMBERED - and thrilled about it!

We just got back from the hospital, and found out we're having a BABY BOY!!!!! We got back to our house, and I looked at my MALE dog, watched my MALE husband walk in the door, and looked at pictures of my MALE baby - I am officially outnumbered at home, and I couldn't be happier!

The ultrasound tech and doctor both said that everything about our little guy looks PERFECT, and that he's growing right on schedule! I can't decide if I'm more excited he's a BOY or that he's HEALTHY - I'm so happy about both!!! Ty was beside himself ecstatic - I'm sure everyone on the whole floor heard him yell "YES!!" when she said it was a boy. Ty is already planning out the nursery - dirt bike pictures and all. And he's looking for a 50 (dirt bike) for him to ride. I'm realizing that our checkbook is in serious danger!!!

When I get my camera back tonight I'll post pictures of my growing belly and our growing boy!